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It is really exciting to live in city like Toronto, isn’t it? Toronto being the largest city in Canada it is easily recognized worldwide on different platforms via landmarks like CN Tower. It has got a respectable record of having a population which holds more university educations than any other country, in the world, based on OECD survey.  Global On Hold Messages is happy to do business with such elite and highly educated people residing in Toronto. We provide services like messages on hold, music on hold, voice on hold, IVR via our professional recording studio where our voiceover artists record custom on hold messages which are company specific and make them serve their clients to their best. With our services companies can do result oriented on hold marketing and run hold advertisement campaigns with high success ratio. Now let me ask you a question.

So far how have you been treating your callers on phone?

Huge companies have to cater to larger number of customers. When such customers call for assistance they have to go through the inevitable on hold period. If companies fail to act smartly, such time creates a void, which is mostly addressed inappropriately by companies and that drives away the customers by putting them off. We can help you fill that void and convert it into a pleasant experience for your callers and more business for you. Many companies do care and respect their customers, but they fail to convey that on phone. 

When you enter a store or an office, how would you feel if you are greeted by some emotionless monotonous robot? No one likes that. A store that employs a sales person with such an attitude will end up losing its customer base eventually. We expect a smiling personal who will treat us with great respect and make us feel important. Same should happen on phone too. If that does not happen we feel angry. And an angry customer won’t do more business with you.

We must also remember that visual clues are absent on phone, so whatever greeting message you broadcast, it should sound such that a person can visualize a smile, feel the enthusiasm which will definitely bring a smile on his face too. It is a fact that only a happy caller will accept your offers positively and it will convert into a successful sale for company.

Hidden Potential of “On Hold Time”

“On hold time” presents us with a few precious moments where through on hold messages, customized on hold greetings, or on hold advertising You can have on hold salesman that makes our callers happy and brings in more business for the company. Not to forget that this entity works for you round the clock without increasing your overheads. Compared to other marketing efforts, on hold messages, customized on hold greetings, or on hold advertising presents us with an opportunity where leads are automatically generated, when a caller calls for assistance or information; we just have to convert such calls into business. Progressive companies can’t afford to ignore these calls on hold potential. We at Global On Hold Messages enable them to make the most of this in home calls in to in home opportunity.

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